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Advancing the oral health of all Oklahomans is part of Delta Dental of Oklahoma’s not-for-profit mission.

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Monthly Health Tip

Stay Hydrated for Your Oral Health

Drinking water is recommended for a number of health reasons, particularly when you are ill. One reason is to prevent dry mouth, which is uncomfortable and can put you at risk for cavities. Some cold and flu medications may contribute to dry mouth, so be sure to drink plenty of water and choose sugarless cough drops to keep saliva flowing and neutralize the acids in your mouth that can cause tooth decay. To be sure you are maintaining strong oral health habits all year, keep up with regular dental visits. To locate a Delta Dental participating dentist select 'Find a Dentist' above.

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Why Visit?
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Why visit the Dentist for Annual Exams?

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Gum Disease 101
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Understanding Gum & Periodontal Disease

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Oral Cancer
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Risk Factors for Oral Cancer?

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Milestones for Mini Mouths

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