For Brokers

Why Choose Us?

Why choose us?

Delta Dental of Oklahoma brokers have access to a wide variety of comprehensive benefit plans designed to meet the needs of their small and large clients. Plus, we offer advanced technological solutions for benefit administration and customer service. When you represent Delta Dental of Oklahoma, you can take pride in the benefit plans you market.

99% Member Satisfaction. Over 1 million Oklahomans served. 100+ years of customer services experience.

We deliver superior customer service

Delta Dental of Oklahoma pairs a singular focus on dental benefits with a local team to provide agents, employers, dentists and our subscribers with an unmatched client experience.

We deliver the largest network of dentists

  • 95% of Oklahoma dentists participate in one of our two networks
  • DDOK contracts directly with Oklahoma dentists
  • Three of four dentists in the nation participate with Delta Dental
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We deliver quality benefit plans

Our standard plan designs deliver generous benefits and emphasize preventive care. Engaging in regular preventive care practices help curb the need for major services, resulting in cost savings for employers and subscribers.

  • DDOK does not deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions with our standard plans
  • No waiting period before you can begin receiving treatment without standard coverage
  • No late enrollee provision on our standard group plans
  • Our standard coverage includes replacement of a missing tooth, even if it was lost prior to enrolling with DDOK
  • Regular cleaning and evaluations do not apply to annual maximum with our standard plans