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Checkout HOW®, Health through Oral Wellness

Health through Oral Wellness® is now available to subscribers and their dependents in more than 8,600 of DDOK’s fully-insured groups. Members with access to HOW® may receive the approved assessment to determine if they are at higher risk for developing caries and/or periodontal disease.

DDOK members who are eligible for HOW® enhanced benefits and receive qualifying score(s) on the assessment will receive additional preventive benefits to help them achieve optimal oral health. The approved clinical risk assessment associated with HOW® must be administered in a dentist office.

Diagram of how H.O.W. works. Illustration of a dentist, illustration of a risk score meter, and a result of Boosted Benefits.

DDOK Member receives the HOW® approved assessment from a dentist

Member assessment results will have two (2) risk scores, on a scale of 1-5, associated with HOW® benefits

  • Tooth Decay Risk Score
  • Gum Disease Risk Score

If member receives risk score(s) of 4 or 5, he/she will qualify to receive additional preventive benefits

HOW® Resources

What are the additional preventive benefits members could receive with HOW®?

View the Summary of HOW® Enhanced Benefits

How does my practice determine if a patient is eligible to receive the HOW® assessment?

View our guide to Determining HOW® eligibility in PEARL

Is training available to help my practice learn more about the HOW® clinical risk assessment?

Yes. Log in to your PEARL account and visit the 'Information Center' or contact our Provider Relations team at 405-607-2137 (OKC Metro), 800-522-0188, Ext. 137 (Toll Free) or via email at