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What is HOW®?

Delta Dental of Oklahoma is dedicated to advancing the oral wellness of our members. We recognize each member is unique, and some may need additional services in order to achieve optimal oral health.

Health through Oral Wellness® (HOW®) is designed to boost an existing Delta Dental plan with additional preventive benefits if a member is at higher risk for developing caries (tooth decay) and/or periodontal (gum) disease, based on the results of the HOW® approved assessment performed in a dentist office.

Diagram of how H.O.W. works. Illustration of a dentist, illustration of a risk score meter, and a result of Boosted Benefits.

DDOK Member receives the HOW® approved assessment from a dentist

Member assessment results will have two (2) risk scores, on a scale of 1-5, associated with HOW® benefits

  • Tooth Decay Risk Score
  • Gum Disease Risk Score

If member receives risk score(s) of 4 or 5, he/she will qualify to receive additional preventive benefits

Am I eligible?

How do you know if the HOW benefits are available to you on your current plan? The information can be found within your Spotlight account summary. View the guide below to help you track it down.

Determining HOW® eligibility in Spotlight

HOW® Resources

What are the additional preventive benefits members could receive with HOW®?

Summary of HOW® Enhanced Benefits

Is my dentist registered to administer the HOW® assessment?

A quick search on our Dentist Search will let you know. We have provided a guide to show you how.

View our search guide

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